Best Cold Smoke Generator for Cold Smoking

Best Cold Smoke Generator Manufacturer & Supplier

Amber is one of the best cold smoke generator manufacturers and suppliers in China, our smoker generator is made of food grade stainless steel, which is durable and will not rust, so it has a longer service life.

What is Cold Smoker Generator?

Cold smoke generator also called smoker generator, as the name implies, is a device that can generate cold smoke. There are usually two types: tube smoker and smoker tray. Perfectly fit for hot and cold smoking meats, turkey, chicken, fish, hot dogs, cheese, nuts, corn, bacon, etc. Just simply fill it with wood chips or sawdust and light it, bringing about 7-10 hours of smoke. The smoking time depends on the type of wood chips and the amount of filling. Choose the smoking chips which you like, there are apple, pecan, mesquite, oak, cherry or other types of fruit wood.

How Cold Smoker Generator Works?

Fill the cold smoke generator with wood chips, light the tea wax to ignite the chips, and then the smoldering wood chips will slowly and evenly release the smoke. Place the ignited cold smoke generator next to the food on the BBQ grill grate, the smoke will slowly penetrate into the food, giving the food a unique woody smoky flavor.

The damp wood chips may go out halfway, so make sure your wood chips dry. Try drying the chips in a warm oven overnight before smoking.

Types of Cold Smoke Generator for Cold Smoking

There are usually two types of stainless steel cold smoke generator for cold smoking, gas grill, charcoal grill and pellet grill, etc:

  • Tube smoker: The tube smoker are available in round, square and hexagonal, etc.
  • Smoker tray: The smoker tray looks like a maze, so it’s also called maze smoker, cold smoke maze, or pellet maze, it’s usually round and rectangular, which brings longer smoking time than tube ones.

pellet smoker tube for gas grill

ignite stainless steel smoker chip tube

bbq smoke tube for pellet grill

stainless steel cold smoke tray

best pellet tube smoker

smoke tube for grill

stainless steel pellet smoker tray

smoker tray for gas grill

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